How do condo with 700 units go recycle step by step?

People may think condominiums are the hardest place to start a recycling program. Maybe it’s not. Residences are a major concern to adapt the recycling system into the property and it’s getting harder during COVID.

We have a case of approx.700 units low rise condominium in Bangkok. That has been sorting and recycling for 1 year of the property. Went through all these processes below

Today we will have steps to be more recycling.

Example of staff waste sorting as a starting point for waste management program

1. Communication and Education — Raise awareness to every residence through every channel. Arrange a waste sorting class for both maid and residences.

2. Infrastructure — Prepare your sorting stations and recycling storage room. This is an important part to consider in the early property design stage.

3. Collaborate workforce for mission — To procedure according to the standard of better waste management.

4. Arrange a collection — General waste and Food waste are collected based on local authorize in each area. For recyclables, you can find a local trader in your area.

5. Data collection — It’s very important for these to be measurable. Collecting data in each waste will give you visibility of the real waste that you are dealing with.

6. Reporting back — All recycling program participants must know the progress of recycling activity in the area.


– Communication is all so the hardest part of every recycling program, so don’t give up and make a fast judgment. But keep you consistent.

– If you sell recyclable, There will be many ways to share benefit among stakeholders (Property, Maids, and Residences)

– Waste intents to be managed and make the result tangible and measurable.


GEPP Author:

Dome is the Co-founder and CMO of GEPP. He is passionate about building a better world through better waste management thinking method. He is specialized and experienced in implementing waste management goals, infrastructure change advisory for better waste management.

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