Our Mission is to make waste sorting and recycling easy and fun

  • Our Commitment

    We want to bring a positive disruption that changes the way businesses use data to make decisions about their waste management solutions. Through our digital and data analytics solutions, we help our clients  manage waste in a more productive, resource-efficient, and sustainable way.

  • Our Reinvention of Recycling

    With passion and commitment, we work with all stakeholders across the waste management and circular economy value chain – to accelerate digital and data-driven solution development to achieve environmental sustainability.

  • Our Impact to Communities

    • Local residents will have an eco-living lifestyle community
    • Recycling business stakeholders will gain profitability and business expansion opportunity
    • Authorities will be enabled to manage waste, more proactively, efficiently and sustainably with real-time data and analytics of recyclable wastes


Dome Boonyanurak

Dome Boonyanurak

Co-Founder, CMO
Experienced architect in branded project design , Trained Master degree from Real Estate Thammasart University , Thailand. With a strong passion in green business development. Turning waste into passive benefit to the community with platform that will be a stage for all.
Mayuree Aroonwaranon

Mayuree Aroonwaranon

Co-Founder, CEO
Former management consultant in energy industry across Asia-Pacific. Specializes in strategic planning, project management, and operational excellence.