GEPP offers free recyclables pick-up!

Why we do it

We believe that waste sorting is the most important step to reduce landfill waste. GEPP aims to help everyone to develop this habit so we provide this free service for you so that things are a little easier on your recyclable end. 

What we get

We get full satisfaction to know that more people care about the environment and decide to sort waste correctly! Our collectors get full profits from the recyclable trades because we want them to have more means for better quality of life while saving the planet.

How we do it

We work with our collectors to agree on the most practical way for sorting waste at home such that it can be recycled. Then we write a standard to spread out the good deeds to other collectors so that every user can have the same GEPP collection experience.

Collection Progress

Glass 0%
E-waste 0%
Plastic 0%
Paper 0%

How to call GEPP ?

  • Sort Your Waste

    Start by easily sorting your waste at your premises

  • Contact GEPP

    3 easy ways to contact GEPP – call, Line, or Web Application

  • Book Place & Time

    Choose your preferred location, date, and time for the pick-up

  • Meet at Place & Time

    Simply meet Mr. or Ms. GEPP at your chosen time and location for the pick-up