Our services

Waste Segregation Training

Train your staff to sort waste correctly with GEPP. Our in-house waste sorting standard and approach can be tailor-made to make your waste sorting easy, practical, and environmentally-friendly.  Our knowledge is built in collaboration with academia, industry’s experts, local collectors, junk shops, and communities. 

Performance Monitoring

GEPP Waste Data Analytics gives you a new perspective about your current consumption and is a powerful tool to bring about the change you always wanted. Daily and monthly tracking of your waste on GEPP platform helps you monitor your performance to stay on the right track towards sustainability.

CE Project Management

The circular economy model requires extra resources to make it into a reality. GEPP provides our 10+ years in project management and operational support team to help you strategize, plan, and execute on the ground. We are a group of  hands-on individuals who want to see this model become a reality as much as you do.  

Bring the change you want to see in the world with GEPP today.