Recycling is possible when GEPP handles it for you.

Free Recyclable Pickup

Our member collectors will pick up or buy recyclable material from your premises. We make sure that all your waste is sent to the right recycling facility.

Waste Data Management

Data from our waste collection initiatives is analyzed on our platform to help solve waste management issue for our country.

Recycling for Good

If you don’t want to sell your waste, donating your recyclables is another way to be a part of the ecosystem. All donated recyclables will be sold to recycling plants, and the proceeds will go towards the improvement of the recycling community.

GEPP Community Progress

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We are aiming to build up an new era of recycling ecosystem.

Solution for your Recycle life

Home & Residence

We provide free pick up of recyclables from your premises. To help collectors plan their routes — which reduces costs and minimizes carbon footprint — we require our users to sort their waste to meet the minimum weight and to wait for our confirmation of collection time within 24 hours.Just make sure your recyclables are sorted into Glass, Plastic, Paper, and Metal!

Restaurants & Businesses

We provide free pick up of recyclables directly from your restaurant, shop, or office by connecting you to member collectors.

Condominiums & Apartment Buildings

We work with your building’s waste management team to collect recyclable waste, directly from the premises.

What we recycle


Plastic bottles, containers, or any unused plastic items which are not contaminated by food or other contaminants. All plastic is brought through the pipeline to professional recyclers.


Used office documents, newspapers, books, paper packaging, and other forms of paper that are dry, and not contaminated by food or other contaminants


Used cans, unused metal sheets, metallic machine parts, and other metallic items are further sorted and recycled through professional recyclers.


Glass bottles, containers, cullet, or other glass items. Glass drink containers with paper box packaging are preferred by recyclers.


Old electronic devices, appliances, or other machines. E-waste is handled through authorised recyclers who dismantle, sort, and recycle various components.

Recycling is easy when GEPP handles it for you.

What We Do

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What People Say

Recycle is a must in today world, and now GEPP is a great example of digital disruption in Recycle business. Helping together with this platform is a way to tomorrow cleaner.

Managing Director : Cash Now

Biggest today problem is about trash , but its a opportunity for people to bring the better world.

Mr.Pipop Thongsen
Marketing Manager : Almond Digital Group

More suitable to today, Easiest way to recycle. Our staff can sell recycle to the platform with pick up service.

Chef Mickey

In today business we produced a huge among of trash a day, together with growth of the population in the big city , It’s a time for us to engage with community to sort this problem out together.

Ekkachai Niyanuch